Your Package Arrived And Then Was Stolen. The Shipper Says Tough Luck, Your Loss. If You Had Porch Bandit Protection You Wouldn’t Be Worried.

How Porch Bandit Protection Works

You subscribe to a package protection plan.

If a package is stolen from your porch and the vendor won’t send you a replacement you file a claim with your delivery carrier.

If the shipper denies your claim, leaving you without a remedy, your porch bandit protection kicks in and compensates you for the loss of your package in accordance with the terms of the plan you selected.

It is that simple!

The average value of stolen packages is $140

Being at home during the day doesn’t prevent package theft

Porch Bandits may be there to nab packages within minutes of arrival. Some have been known to follow delivery vehicles closely in order to snatch packages fresh off the truck.

There are an average of 17 incidents per 1,000 people in metro areas


Police make arrests in less than 10% of reported theft cases